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Pilates for Everybody

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At Pilates Bodies our focus isn’t on just making you look better, but more importantly helping your body feel better and function better. Our instructors teach a foundation for healthy, strong movement using an intelligent, safe approach; therefore we can tailor our workouts to just about every age, fitness level, and physical condition:

Pre/Post Natal- with modified exercises, a private pilates program can keep you moving safely while preparing your body and mind for the baby. After the baby, pilates focuses on strengthening the deep core muscles to help you regain that small waist line, while also trimming the thighs and arms and allowing you to breathe deep and focus on yourself!

Men- Considering pilates was developed by a man (Joseph H. Pilates), and there are pictures of him in his 60’s looking trim and strong doing his own pilates exercises, shouldn’t you at least try it men??? Complement your weight training by improving flexibility and posture and decreasing joint pain with a regular pilates routine.

Athletes (pro and amateur)- balancing strength and flexibility while increasing core control and peripheral mobility will yield greater performance in any sport! Experience for yourself why more elite athletes are using pilates to complement their other forms of training.

Fitness enthusiasts- pilates only enhances other forms of exercise and fitness by correcting faulty movement patterns, providing a deeper understanding and awareness of posture and biomechanics, and improving and balancing strength and flexibility.

STOTT PILATES® photography
© Merrithew Corporation

Seniors- improve body awareness while improving strength, flexibility, and balance with no impact on the joints. Plates is also helpful for those suffering from Osteoporosis because pilates allows you to safely increase bone density.

Teens- if your teenager is already active with sports pilates gives teenagers a healthy movement foundation to protect their spine and joints from injuries, which is becoming more common than you may realize. If they aren’t super active then pilates can be less intimidating than team sports and it can be a great introduction to boost their interest in exercise!

Pilates for Rehabilitation-Many health professionals recommend Pilates rehabilitation to aid recovery and to re-educate and re-align the body to prevent future imbalances. Many physical therapists have found that Pilates can increase strength and flexibility, as well as muscular and postural symmetry, for their physician referred rehabilitation patients. Doctors have also found this method to be an excellent supplement to standard physiotherapy. Pilates provides total conditioning that exceeds standard callisthenic, isometric or isokinetic exercises. It is the perfect option for post-rehabilitation.