Experience the Difference at South Tampa's most established, full service Pilates studio.


Pilates Bodies and all that it encompasses, simple stated, is fantastic - from its highly professional, personable and knowledgeable instructors to its practiced philosophy- refinement for the body and mind. The certified instructors imbue their expert knowledge of anatomy/physiology through closely supervised exercises and fun with RESULTS. Strength, toning, posture, flexibility and overall health all improves. I have been benefitting as a client from Pilates Bodies for more than 7 years and am still excited about each class/session. I am a physician and time is always at a premium for me. Pilates is a highly efficient and comprehensive work out at Pilates Bodies in an enjoyable, aesthetically appealing, safe and clean environment. I highly recommend Pilates Bodies to anyone who is serious about getting fit and toned. It is a special studio comprised of very special people.

Kathleen Leber, MD

"Within weeks of beginning classes at Pilates Bodies, people began to comment on how much leaner I looked. Through my instructors careful guidance I was able to continue my pilates program through both of my pregnancies, and thanks to our post-baby workouts, I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes in record time!"

Shannon Stein

"I want to express appreciation to the Pilates Bodies crew for the pain management and recovery that I have experienced thus far. It definitely has been worth my time and money. I’ve also lost almost 30lbs. since I started! Thank you very much Pilates Bodies."

John w. Bird

"My orthopedic physician suggested that I try Pilates to help with my chronic back pain. I interviewed several studios until I found one that I felt had instructors with the expertise and experience to help me. This program has helped me tremendously and I look forward to each session. I’ve gained back over ½ inch in height and am physically able to do work around my house and yard that I was losing the ability to do. The added bonus was losing those inches around my hips and waist, also!"

Michele Vatalaro

"I am 65 years old and have being doing pilates with personal trainers since 1997. I started doing pilates originally because I have scoliosis and wanted to maintain and improve the flexibility of my back as well as bone density. The byproducts of these exercises are not only improved flexibility, but greatly increased muscle tone and mass and improved posture. The instructors at Pilates Bodies have done so much to improve my posture and flexibility in my several years of training there. Most people are unaware that I have curvature of the spine. In a bone density test taken last year, the results showed that I would not have the onset of osteoporosis until 90 some years of age. I highly recommend pilates and especially the great trainers at Pilates Bodies!"

Mary Alice Dobson

"My private lessons at Pilates Bodies have not only helped alleviate my back pain and increase my flexibility, but they have also made me more aware of proper body mechanincs which I now apply when I’m lifting weights at the gym. I increased my maximum lift weights by 10% shortly after starting pilates, which I attribute to the added flexibility and core strength! "

Mike Shrenk